VirtualWisdom Architecture

Key Components of the VirtualWisdom Platform

Dedicated Platform Appliance and Software

The VirtualWisdom Platform Appliance is the industry’s only purpose-built, enterprise-class, Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) appliance. It persists and correlates real-time data from VMs, servers, SAN and NAS networks—with I/O metrics from the Virtual Server Probe, Network Switch Probe, and “off-the-wire” from the hardware Performance Probes—forming a complete view of your end-to-end system between virtual machines and the storage environment.

TAP Patch Panel

Virtual Instruments’ TAP Patch Panel System integrates Traffic Access Points (TAPs) with best-of-breed fiber patch panel components to make fiber cable deployments more manageable and maintainable. TAPs transparently provide a passive, out-of-band, full line rate copy of all traffic to VirtualWisdom’s SAN and NAS Performance Probes.

The TAP Patch Panel System provides a broad range of streamlined options for implementing TAPs into both new and existing cable plants.

ProbeFC Family

Our family of hardware-based SAN Performance Probes are the most advanced, high capacity full line-rate data inspection and analysis devices available. They monitor storage by inspecting, processing and analyzing every FC frame header and SCSI Command on the Fibre Channel SAN links in real-time. They capture the true, unaltered, I/O profile of the actual application traffic, detecting application performance slowdowns and transmission errors by measuring every SCSI I/O transaction from start to finish.

The SAN Performance Probe family consists of a (16G) 12-port model, a (16G) 24-port model, and an ultra-high-density (8G) 48-port enterprise edition. This product family delivers the full range of cost and density options customers require.


In this histogram screen, you can easily see the distribution profile of NFSv3 read completions.

The VirtualWisdom NAS Performance Probe (ProbeNAS) is the industry’s most complete real-time, full line-rate monitoring solution for NFSv3 environments. Working completely out-of-band, the NAS Performance Probe analyzes every IP Packet on monitored NAS ports, and reports hundreds of metrics every second to provide comprehensive, accurate, and vendor agnostic monitoring at the protocol level. The Probe is offered in a 2U chassis with up to 16 x 10GE links.

Virtual Server ProbeVM Family

Snippet of VM Coordinator analytic recommending configuration changes that will better balance CPU, memory and network usage for a cluster, utilizing ProbeVM dataThe ProbeVM family of software-based virtual machine probes collects and correlates a comprehensive set of metrics that enable IT, server, and VM administrators to optimize the performance, utilization, and availability of their virtualized IT infrastructure. ProbeVM is unique in its ability to eliminate the risk of using virtualization with I/O-intensive, latency-sensitive applications.VirtualWisdom supports VMware vSphere®, IBM PowerVM®, and Microsoft Hyper-V® environments.

Storage ProbeNTAP

ProbeNTAP leverages an agentless software API to capture health and utilization statistics for Network Appliance Storage Arrays (ONTAP 8, 9, Clustered NFS). VirtualWisdom uses these statistics in conjunction with advanced discovery and reporting to provide users with additional context for understanding system-wide health, utilization and performance.

Network Switch ProbeSW

4 of the 60 time-correlated metrics that are available from the VirtualWisdom ProbeSW dashboard.

The Network Switch ProbeSW is an agentless software probe that utilizes storage and network information from SMI-S and SNMP MIB (management information base) to gather switch performance and link error statistics in a non-intrusive manner. These critical switch statistics are correlated with other system-wide metrics and presented within the intuitive VirtualWisdom interface as an entity.