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What it’s like to be Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s boss

While Wall Street is starting to get a little antsy about how he plans to make money on all the fancy new initiatives at Microsoft, the tech industry is pretty excited about his vision, his changes to Windows, and the cool things in the pipeline like HoloLens. Employees are just as excited about Nadella as the outside world is.

Above all, there’s one man really rooting for him: The guy that hired him. That’s not Bill Gates but Microsoft’s current chairman John Thompson, who led the Microsoft CEO search committee.

Thompson cut his teeth at IBM, and as CEO of Symantec grew that company from about $600 million in revenue to about $6 billion when he left in 2009. For the past five years he’s been CEO of  startup Virtual Instruments, which is on track to hit $100 million in revenue. (VI offers software that helps big companies keep their most important applications from going down.)

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Thompson told us what its like to be Nadella’s boss.

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