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What IT Can Learn From Hollywood

The film industry has undergone a dramatic shift in how movies are made, and IT management can benefit from a similar transformation.

In the very early days of Hollywood, major movie studios owned every aspect of the filmmaking process, from contracts with stars down to the camera crew and catering arrangements. After a century of technological changes, economic shifts and legal battles over control, today’s movie industry looks dramatically different. Now, the process starts with a producer finding independent contractors to handle screenwriting, editing, set design and the others tasks required to make the film. The producer then marshals these resources to finish the project on time and on budget.

IT executives can understand this shift from internal to outsourced project and process management all too well.

It wasn’t long ago that a typical business application was handled in the same manner as the early days of movie studios. The CIO had a large captive staff, with analysts to design the requirements (the IT equivalent of screenwriters), programmers (actors and actresses), database analysts and system administrators (set designers) and quality assurance staff (editors). IT staff built and supported customized applications, had long tenures at their companies to support what they had created and knew what they would be working on for lengthy periods — sometimes for years, sometimes for entire careers. Read more >>