Guaranteeing unified IT service delivery

Vikram Ramesh, Sr. Product Marketing Director –

Senior IT leaders at most organizations are looking to see how they can unify, strengthen and coordinate IT services and resources and thereby increase their effectiveness, efficiency and delivery.

The majority of organizations have adopted IT service management practices (ITSM) to manage this change. This will require IT organizations to obsess on end customer experience and focus on delivering their portfolio of services to their customer faster, cheaper and at higher a quality.

Virtual Instruments is the preeminent leader in Performance Management, servicing the world’s most mission-critical workloads, whether residing on physical, virtual or cloud computing infrastructure. We have helped to solve some of the most critical performance and availability issues in IT, in more than 350 of the world’s most recognized organizations.

Virtual Instruments delivers the industry’s only real-time Infrastructure Performance Management solution. The VirtualWisdom® platform provides unparalleled visibility into the performance, health and utilization of the entire open systems infrastructure – empowering customers to guarantee the performance and availability of their mission critical applications.

Learn how Virtual Instruments is transforming IT departments into nimble service providers and helping them effectively manage their IT infrastructure and deliver a streamlined service to their customers.

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