EMC World, Gartner IOSS Summit: A recap

By Len Rosenthal, CMO of Virtual Instruments

The start of our spring 2016 trade show activity kicked off with our annual participation at EMC World and the Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit (IOSS). Our team here at Virtual Instruments had a busy couple of weeks catching up with customers, meeting with industry influencers and demonstrating our solutions to the market.

It’s clear that IT teams of all types are experiencing major infrastructure transformation, and they are deciding what is required to modernize and collaboratively manage today’s data centers with confidence. Whether IT teams are making the move toward all-flash storage, converged infrastructures, or integrating hybrid cloud initiatives, enterprises are looking to keep pace with the evolving storage landscape, enable business agility and optimizing critical workloads.

Launch of WorkloadCentral and our EMC XtremeIO demonstration

EMC World was a week of innovation and collaboration. First, we launched WorkloadCentral, our free, cloud-based analytics platform and community. Customers were intrigued and look forward to contributing to the community and sharing with vendors, service providers and partners. We’ve already seen clear interest and strong signups, and we’re excited to see the growth and collaboration between industry peers.

We also conducted demonstrations with the EMC team to showcase the extreme scalability of their XtremIO AFA running live in their “on-floor” data center within EMC’s booth. Working with one of the most scalable flash systems on the market, we showed how the XtremIO array achieved a record-breaking 1.2 million IOPS. It was an incredible opportunity to showcase the power of flash and present how VI can help companies understand which workloads they should move to flash and where flash fits into their overall strategy.

Customer roundtable

Our customer roundtable – led by executives at MetLife, Kaiser and New York Life – was a great success. It was a chance for customers, prospects and panelists to collaborate and discuss how they are proactively managing their IT infrastructures to support their end users and businesses. A number of our customers also have taken complete ownership of the idea that they helped influence and impact the decision to merge with Load DynamiX, and it can’t get any better than that. They once again demonstrated their excitement, underscoring the undeniable, natural synergies of this customer-driven merger.

Collaborative management

An overarching theme at Gartner IOSS, and one that we discuss often, was the need to support collaborative management across the entire infrastructure. No matter the industry, the concept of modernizing and ensuring performance for better control and decision support is taking hold now more than ever. IT professionals who used to function in silos understand they must work together to manage infrastructures and optimize IT efficiency.

Every year, we look forward to seeing the customers, partners and vendors we work with interacting and discussing critical infrastructures – hence our passion for trade show season. Stay tuned for additional Virtual Instruments activity and developments at upcoming shows, such as HPE Discover and more.

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