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Predictions From Four Storage Companies

John Gentry, VP marketing and alliances, Virtual Instruments, Inc.

At the start of each year there’s a lot of excitement around the next big thing and latest and greatest technology. For example, this past year people were pretty enthusiastic about flash storage. However, the hottest tech is not always the most effective or appropriate – and that’s certainly true for flash. 2015 will be the year enterprises start recognizing some of the potential pitfalls that come with all-flash storage arrays. Flash offers great benefits in the way of speed and efficiency, but those benefits vary greatly depending on the actual workload, and it’s also pretty pricey. As a result, certain applications and environments might not see enough return on the implementation to make it worth the investment. By the end of this year, global enterprises will have gotten past the initial hype of flash and be looking at the actual value delivered. IT teams will begin incorporating performance monitoring and management platforms to find out what specific workloads in their environments really warrant such a costly initiative.