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Good leaders need to know when to change

Leaders must embrace change and take advantage of the new technologies shifting their relationships with their customers, according to industry veteran and Microsoft chairman John Thompson.

“It’s that willingness to accept that the status quo is no longer acceptable,” he told ANZ BlueNotes in an exclusive interview. “That we must change, we must transform and we must engage technology in that process.”

Thompson said those who chose to stay where they are were at risk of being left behind.

“What happens more often than not is that large companies get stuck in a ‘this is what we’ve always done’ mode,” he said. “Unfortunately it often requires some outside influence in order for people to force change.

“What is really important is that the leadership of a company must embrace the idea that the status quo is no long acceptable. That we have to transform our business to be more agile, to be more focussed on customers, to be much, much more embracing of new technologies and how they can change and augment our business as time goes on.

“When that attitude comes from the top down through the organisation, change is easy.”

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