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2015 Channel Chiefs Details

Partner organization’s top accomplishments over the past year:  Over the past year, Virtual Instruments has made great strides in developing its partner program and expanding the department’s reach and influence. The top three accomplishments for our organization were: o Completing sales and technical training for more than 100 channel sales and services teams, ensuring all of our partner teams have a comprehensive understanding of how to deliver value with VirtualWisdom4 for their customers; o Taking a strategic approach to further develop and leverage relationships and agreements with national partners to drive wider awareness of Virtual Instruments’ platform and capabilities; and o Deploying VirtualWisdom4 technology in our partners’ lab environments, like our deployment in World Wide Technology’s (WWT) Advanced Technology Center (ACT), to build an ecosystem that provides innovative solutions, research, testing and training to partners and customers. On each of these projects, my role consisted of providing leadership and direction for my team, as well as stepping into the role of liaison between my department and the rest of our upper-level management to advocate for our goals and strategies, and consistently ensure these valuable channel initiatives were prioritized in the bigger pictures of company planning and activities.